Review: L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss



I usually scour the internet for reviews before buying makeup products, and after seeing so many beauty gurus on YouTube talking about this, pushed me to make the purchase.

20160303_122009-1The L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss comes in 16 bold shades and cost 350PHP in Watson. After swatching most of the the shades on the back of my hand, I decided to go with “Dreamy” which has a pinkish hue. I mostly use this at work because it’s very subtle and looks great.

Here are my thoughts on this product.


1.Staying Power – This was unmovable. It will stay for a whole day and will not transfer.
2. Good Color Collection – With 16 available shades, it would be impossible to find a color that wouldn’t look great on you.
3. Fast Setting – It will set in less than 2 minutes, and will be completely matte after drying.
4. Packaging – Simple glass plastic tube with sponge tip applicator.
5. Affordable – I don’t know how much this is in other countries, but in the Philippines, 350php for this kind of product is considered a good deal.

1. DRYING! – Capitalized DRY because I felt that it sucked up all the moisture from my lips.
2. Highlights lip lines – I felt the line on my lips became more noticeable, causing it to look drier than it really was. (I am self confessed Chapstick-addict, so I know I don’t have dry lips)
3. Tacky – A little bit tacky when I smack my lips, but I don’t think it will be a major turn-off.

Final Thoughts:
1. Repurchase – Yes, it’s so affordable and there are so many other shades I want to dry.
2. Recommend – Yes. I will recommend to my friends, but I will also definitely let them know of the cons.


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